Appalachian Environmental Studies

The Appalachian Environmental Studies program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to enhance students’ understanding of the biological, ecological, sociological and legal factors that pertain to the natural environment and to encourage civic engagement. The program has a specific focus on the local mountains, forests and aquatic habitat of Appalachia.

The Appalachian Environmental Studies program is interdisciplinary. Students will obtain knowledge about the science of the environment through courses in our College of Science, Technology and Mathematics but will also develop a thorough understanding of how that interplays with public policy and the law.

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Inspire Civic Engagement Icon

Community engagement is one of the cornerstones of environmental studies. Students learn to appreciate the experiences that impact the environment where they live and to come together with fellow citizens to solve problems as a means to improve their communities.

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Students acquire content knowledge pertaining to the environment as well as the problem-solving and communication skills that meet current and future pathways known as “Green Careers.” Jobs in the public and private sectors include those pertaining to environmental protection, sustainability, conservation and community planning.

Active and Experiential Education Icon

Students in this cross-disciplinary academic program have many different internship opportunities from which to choose, including government agencies and environment-focused companies. Majors in this academic program learn by doing so they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom with real-world situations in their surrounding environment.