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Information Systems

IS serves as the technology hub for the campus and provides laptops, projectors, and other technology to students, faculty, and staff for classroom use.

Contact the IS Help Desk at


To connect your personal device to WiFi, follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the TUStudents WiFi network on your device and choose “Connect”.
  2. Enter the password for the TUStudent network. (You should have received this during your admission process; if not, please contact
  3. Once connected, you will need to open a web browser on that device.
  4. Navigate to a URL, and you will be prompted with the screen below:

  5. Click the check box and then “Continue”.

You are now connected!

Prohibited Devices

  • Wireless printers
  • Personal wireless routers or wireless access points

  • Chromecast streaming devices
  • Amazon Echo or similar devices

Students are encouraged to bring their own computers or to make use of the computer labs on campus. Every residence hall room at Tusculum has 24-hour per day access to our local area network (LAN), which is included with the cost of tuition. This means that every student with a computer in their room and an Ethernet network card (which can be purchased at most computer stores) will be able to browse the Internet via our high-speed link.

Also, Tusculum students living on campus have the option to upgrade their Internet connections to a broadband service provided by College Cable Services. Under the agreement, College Cable Services offers an optional high speed broadband cable modem Internet service in all Tusculum residence halls and campus houses. The ResNet offering by College Cable Services will provide the bandwidth necessary for XBOX Live or the PlayStation Network, for example.

Tusculum students may connect to the campus-wide WiFi network, which allows our students to stay connected to the Internet even when walking across campus.



Listed below are the basic requirements for the software you’ll need on your computer while you are a student at Tusculum. Individual academic colleges and majors may have other requirements that augment or supersede this list.

  • Microsoft Office 2013 or newer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 or newer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Adobe Reader
  • Antivirus Software with a current update subscription




Niswonger Commons, 4F
(423)636-7346 or Ext. 5346

Help Desk Hours

Mon – Fri
8 AM – 5 PM

Help Desk After Hours 
Email or call 423-636-7346


Our Team

Chris Summey

Director of Information Systems
(423)636-5099 ext. 5676


Denise Burns

Systems Administrator
(423)636-7300 ext. 5054


Mike Verna

Computer Systems Administrator
(423)636-7300 ext. 5799

Gary Quinton

Instructional Technical Support
(423)636-7300 ext. 5666


Amanda Kyker

Programmer & Analyst
(423)636-7343 ext. 5343