Admission Team

Meet Our Admission Staff

Our team is here to answer your questions. Reach out to us at any time!

(423) 636-7312

Monday – Friday | 9 AM – 4 PM
Saturday | by appointment
Sunday | closed

Man in sweater vest posed
Paul Carney
Vice President of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid

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(423) 798-1623 ext 5623

Girl with braid smiling for a photo
Abigail Phelps
Enrollment Representative

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(423) 787-7300 ext 5906

Woman smiling for a picture
Kayla Miller
Coordinator of Communications & Technology

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(423) 787-7300 ext 8379

Carl Hudson
Director of Admissions Operations

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(423) 636-7300 ext 5352

Woman in Black Shirt Posed for the Camera
Matilda Green

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Woman in Turquoise Shirt Smiling Outside
Scarlett Renner
Processing Clerk

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(423) 636-7300 ext. 5143

Man in Purple Polo Smiling
Joshua Renner
Enrollment Representative

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(423) 787-7300 ext 8347

Man smilling for a photo
Canaan Loope
Graduate Enrollment Counselor

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(423) 787-7300 ext 8384

Man in Gray Jacket Smiling
J’Quen Johnson
Assistant Director of Graduate & Online Enrollment

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(423) 636-7300 ext 7386

Woman in a Blue Blouse Smiling
Jaileen Castro
Enrollment Representative & Event Coordinator 

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(423) 636-7300 ext 7495

Woman smiling for a photo
Alyssa Miller
Undergraduate Online Enrollment Counselor

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(423) 636-7300 ext 8385

Woman in a puffy vest smiling
Ariel Killian
Enrollment Representative & Campus Coordinator

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(423) 636-7300 ext 7374