Tusculum University is a distinctive institution that seeks students of good character who display academic promise.

Applicants are admitted to Tusculum University because they have demonstrated the potential to succeed in a rigorous environment and shown further evidence of their capability to contribute to the Tusculum community as a whole. The curriculum at Tusculum University places strong emphasis on writing, analytical reading and critical analysis. Applicants are assessed for these skills early in their college careers. Assistance is provided to applicants needing further development for academic success.

In determining an applicant’s readiness for college, criteria for admission are both objective and subjective. The University examines academic records, class rank, and SAT or ACT scores. We know that a family’s financial situation has no relationship to an applicant’s preparation, character, potential, or intellect. The University adheres strictly to a financially need-blind policy.



Application Review

  • Freshman and transfer applicants are reviewed for admission once all required materials are received.
  • The Admissions and Standards Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis, so notification should generally be made within two weeks.
  • Notification of admission will be made in writing by the University to the Applicant.
  • An Applicant who is placed on hold is encouraged to retake the ACT or SAT and increase their academic GPA in order to enhance their academic profile.
  • It is encouraged that students who are placed on hold provide additional documentation of such by way of personal essay, explaining “How Will I Be Successful at Tusculum University?” and two letters of recommendation from a high school teacher, employer or church official to be reviewed by the admission committee.

Campus Visits

Although a personal interview is not required for admission, prospective students are encouraged to visit the University. Click here to schedule a visit!

Readmission to Tusculum

Courses at Another Institution

Enrollment Deposit

  • Applicants who are offered admission are asked to submit an enrollment deposit of $100 to secure their place in the class.
  • Deposits are fully refundable, upon written request to the Office of Admission, until May 1.
  • No money will be refunded after May 1, regardless of the date of deposit.
  • The deposit will be credited to the applicant’s account in the Business Office and will reduce the amount of tuition due at the time of billing.
  • All offers of admission and financial aid will stand until May 1; the deposit will secure such offers beyond the May 1 deadline.
  • Once the deposit is made, applicants may complete housing forms and are considered for priority class registration during the summer.
  • Students must utilize their assigned Tusculum University email account received at registration.