Art and Design

Tusculum University’s art and design program builds a specialized foundation for creative careers in traditional and digital media. Strong design and communication skills are in high demand in the majority of today’s industries. By implementing an active and experiential curriculum, designed by multiple subject matter experts and rooted in civic engagement, our students gain practical experience and begin the portfolio-building process as early as their first year in the program.

We take an immersive, project-learning approach that supports global citizenry, collaboration and innovation. Students develop their own personal brands and learn the newest creative techniques and technology while working alongside community leadership and industry partners to form strong ties, values and ethics. Our curriculum builds conceptual and technical skill sets necessary in our rapidly evolving world.

In our classrooms, in our media lab and throughout the community, we provide students with exceptional, unique, individualized opportunities in their areas of interest to gain hands-on experience that prepares them to be career-ready professionals. Our faculty bring industry experience from multiple backgrounds into the classroom, ranging from network television production and major professional sports leagues to corporate marketing and entrepreneurship.

The structure of the art and design program provides more concentrated training based upon their specific area of interest within the broad field of art and design. During their four years at Tusculum University, students in the art and design program build a strong base of knowledge necessary for work in their chosen area or as a precursor to graduate school.

If you want to learn more about what opportunities a degree in art and design can do for you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment and speak with one of our faculty experts.
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Sabrina Schleuger

My time working as an art therapist to teach others how to creatively express themselves through visual art media has been rewarding. Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as a graphic designer for a creative firm. I have been fortunate to be involved with significant creative endeavors since graduation.

Tusculum University provided me with the tools to enter the career world with confidence. My experiences in the art and design program were essential to my creative and professional development and provided a great foundational element upon which to continue my education in a master’s program.

Tusculum offered the knowledge, skills, and experience I needed to get where I wanted to go. 


Meeting our Mission

Inspire Civic Engagement Icon

The art and design program cultivates relationships with individuals and organizations. This connection enables students to support the needs of those who have limited resources by assisting them with vital projects. This shows students the value of serving others and recognizing how they can impact a community’s quality of life.

Active and Experiential Education Icon

Students in Tusculum’s art and design program invest significant amounts of time and effort in project-based learning scenarios that support experiential education. Because Tusculum is a service learning-oriented institution, the program promotes the benefits of frequently engaging with external organizations, individuals and groups to generate creative beneficial solutions to problems.

Equip Career Ready Professionals Icon

The use of communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills is embedded within the work of students as they participate in active and experiential learning and practice civic engagement. These components, along with the technical skills students learn in the classroom, prepare them to succeed in the workforce.

Enrich Personal Lives Icon

Stimulating courses within the art and design program are specifically created to aid students in reaching their full potential while nurturing their interests. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized feedback and mentoring as well as foster instructor/student communication.

Caring Christian Environment Icon

Through much of the service work students perform, they demonstrate they value the needs of fellow residents in their community. Faculty members provide students with the opportunity to evaluate, discuss, share, investigate, and research ideas, interpretations, and views in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Program Success

Past graduates have branched into areas as diverse as advertising, television production, mural production, graphic design, print shop creatives, teaching, freelance artistry and sports marketing.
During their studies at Tusculum, students have had the opportunity to complete active and experiential learning projects such as: