Honors Program

The Honors Program gives students the opportunity to reach beyond a degree and achieve something more while pursuing their undergraduate education.

Our Honors Program focuses on promoting cross-discipline dialogue between students and allowing participants to create a personalized plan of study that will lead to unique Honors experiences designed to benefit students’ individual goals.

A Great Fit

Some of the reasons why Tusculum University’s Honors Program is such a great fit for intellectually curious, hardworking and ambitious students include:

  • Priority registration, meaning you get first pick of classes that are critical to achieving your academic goals
  • Priority housing – not only will you be able to room in some of the best housing options on campus but you will get to create a unique living-learning community with your fellow Honors students
  • Recognition of Honors on your degree and transcript upon graduation
  • Opportunity to participate in thought provoking Honors Seminar Courses taught across every semester
  • Ability to self-select Honors courses within your major and work closely with faculty to develop the Honors components of these courses
  • Choice of writing an Honors thesis or producing an Honors portfolio in concert with and under the guidance of your personal Honors mentoring team
  • Opportunity to participate in an Honors Internship course and real-world internship
  • Possibility of traveling abroad as part of your Honors program to enrich your learning experience and increase your global awareness

Creating Opportunities

Our Honors Program is designed to create an opportunity  for academically motivated students to:

  • Be challenged intellectually
  • Sharpen critical thinking skills
  • Develop time management skills
  • Hone networking skills and increase confidence
  • Gain cultural enrichment


We are seeking the best and brightest to join our honors experience. This program will give you a competitive advantage as you begin your graduate studies or career. Space is limited, so contact Dr. Kevin Hill, Honors Program director, to secure your spot now.

Acceptance into the Honors program is a recognition of a student’s academic achievement and potential for further success. Most honors credit hours are embedded within general edu- cation and major courses. We look forward to reviewing your application.



27 ACT and 3.0 GPA

  • Trustee Scholar (ACT 30+ & 3.0 GPA) $17,000 a year (Plus $1,000/year room waiver, four-year total= $72,000
  • Presidents Scholar (ACT 27+ & 3.0 GPA) $14,000 a year (Plus $1,000/year room • waiver, four-year total = $60,000)
  • Opportunity to earn honors minor
  • Priority registration 


  • Visits to historic sites
  • Cultural events
  • Specialized curriculum designed for honors students
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Opportunities to be published as an undergraduate
  • And much more!





Honors Program Director
Associate Professor of Management

423-636-7300 ext. 5428