Music Program


Band Auditions: All-State audition material or equivalent. All major and minor scales

Choir Auditions: One classical piece, one popular piece (Broadway or musical) and one hymn; piano accompaniment preferred

Pioneer Marching Band

Under the direction of Dr. David Gonzalez, the growing PMB program will soon perform at all home football games. New halftime shows are in store every week, not the same show all year long. The band is set to feature a horn line, battery, front ensemble, color guard, and majorettes. The staff currently includes Jay Oberfeitinger, a longtime music instructor, for all percussion.

The Frontier Sound

Under the direction of Dr. David Gonzalez, this pep band performs at all home basketball games in Pioneer Arena. We are an integral part of the game day experience. Hear us play the National Anthem, perform some favorites during timeouts, help our team by chanting defense and contribute to the supportive atmosphere for our teams in multiple other ways.

Tusculum University Community Band

Directed by Dr. David Gonzalez, this ensemble is open to Tusculum students and the community for regular concerts throughout the year including an Independence Day concert and a Christmas concert. This group enables our students to play in a larger concert band that numbers about 50 performing members. This ensemble meets Tuesdays from 7-9 p.m.

Pioneer Independent Winter Guard

Tusculum University’s premier indoor program competes at the local and regional levels. PIWG believes in fostering excellence through education and performance experiences. Membership is open to any Tusculum University students as well as any high school students who do not have a winter guard program.


The Tusculum University Community Choir is under the director of Kathy May. This ensemble meets Mondays from 7-9 p.m. and includes yearly concerts in the Marilyn duBrisk Theatre of Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Center.

Academic Programs

The Music Program

The Music Program welcomes students who wish to be pioneers and grow our varied programs. At Tusculum University, you will find a music program dedicated to excellence and experience many performance opportunities at games and other campus events that inspire creativity, teamwork and leadership.

The music program contributes significantly to school spirit and the ambience of campus events. It also plays an important role in the connection between the university and the community, as many events in which music program members perform bring those who do not study or work for Tusculum to campus.

The music program serves as a potential opportunity for students to bolster their academic portfolio with either a music minor or an associate degree. These students are diversifying their academic experience and indicating to future employers that they have a wide array of interests.

Auditions to receive scholarships are open to all students. Any student interested in joining any of our programs while attending Tusculum should contact Dr. David Gonzalez, director or bands, at

Jyclyn West 

Derek Hatcher

Student Testimonial

Person in the music program playing a brass instrument Tusculum University’s music program has brought me many opportunities to diversify my schedule. New programs have been introduced within the last couple of years that have made it easy to enjoy the entirety of what is offered in this music program. The music minor and the new music-concentrated associate program are great paths to take if music is an interest for you. I can confirm that because I am part of the first class of the associate program. The accessibility has made it so easy to complete, and the rewards are numerous. I am truly grateful that Tusculum University has these programs, and it has made my college experience certainly one to remember in a positive manner.

Enrich Personal Lives Icon

Our music program members have taken great pride in helping Tusculum restore the band program and have embraced a pioneering spirit to lay the foundation for a successful program and build it into something special. They have christened many different styles of music in support of Tusculum. Our performances have brought joy to those who watched and listened to the music.

Active and Experiential Education Icon

The Tusculum music program is an outstanding example of this element of our mission by giving our students the technical knowledge they need in the practice room and then the opportunity to demonstrate what they learned and continue to improve with live performances in a wide variety of settings on and off campus.


Equip Career Ready Professionals Icon

Through the leadership skills they are developing and the teamwork they exhibit, members of our music program are exceptionally well prepared to succeed in the workforce.

Inspire Civic Engagement Icon

Through our musicians’ participation in community groups and at community events, our program is demonstrating a commitment to enhance the quality of life in our region.

Program Success

Four members of the Tusculum Band were chosen to march in uniform in the taping of an episode of the Food Network Show “Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown.”



100% of Music Students have a Scholarship for Band and Choir
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