Pioneer I’s

Pioneer Is

Being PIONEER READY presumes that all members of the Tusculum community demonstrate personal accountability, effective work habits, integrity, and ethical behavior. Being PIONEER READY requires members of the Tusculum community to act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind and to learn from his/her mistakes.


Being PIONEER READY calls each of us to be…




I do things without being told, set goals and work toward them, identify opportunities to improve, and anticipate action that will help myself or others.







I am honest and direct, listen carefully to others and avoid blaming, am genuine and empathetic, and look for ways to connect with and support other people.







I manage time effectively, maintain focus on the task at hand, accomplish tasks using an orderly approach, pay attention to details, maintain awareness of performance in class, and am prepared.






I volunteer my time to help others, seek ways to improve the lives of others, and lead others to find ways to serve my community.






I exhibit body posture that indicates I am paying attention, focus with minimum disruptions or distractions, express thoughtful ideas, reflective answers, and relevant questions, initiate and complete tasks with limited coaching, work well in a group, and exhibit interest.






I share credit for work performed by others, show a well-developed sense of right and wrong, use clear and accurate references for all borrowed material, adhere to policies and expectations, show respect for others and their viewpoints, and demonstrate honesty and integrity.






I value and demonstrate accuracy and precision, am prepared, complete assigned tasks on time and to agreed-upon standards, have a clear understanding of what is expected of me, require minimal supervision and reassurance, am punctual and maintain good attendance, and take personal responsibility for mistakes and misconduct.