Pioneer Perk

The Pioneer Perk

The Pioneer Perk is a hangout space located next to the Tusculum Campus Store in the Scott M. Niswonger Commons. In The Pioneer Perk, students have a dedicated space to connect with one another, build relationships, relax or study between classes. Many students simply call it The Perk.

Students have the opportunity stop by The Pioneer Perk every Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. for chapel. The Pioneer Perk is equipped with table tennis, billiards, air hockey, a stage for live performances and vending machines. The space also has a television, where students can log into their favorite streaming services.

The Pioneer Perk is one of the major hubs for student life on campus. Are hours are Monday-Friday: 8a.m.- Midnight and Saturday and Sunday: 12p.m.- Midnight.

Claire Hensley, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Retention, Niswonger 228, 423-636-7300 ext. 5226

Maggie Vickers

Student Testimonial

I like The Perk because it provides a sense of community and a designated gathering space for students here at Tusculum. I have rarely ever seen The Perk empty. The Perk is the best place in the Niswonger Commons for students to feel they have a place that belongs all to themselves.


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The Pioneer Perk is home to Tusculum’s weekly chapel services. Chapel is every Monday afternoon at 3:30pm and provides space for students, faculty, and staff to strengthen their faith.

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The Pioneer Perk was designed with community and students in mind. The Pioneer Perk is where students can foster relationships and enhance their college experience outside of the classroom.