Pioneer WOW

Joining the Tusculum University family is an exciting time in a student’s life. To make that transition as seamless and enjoyable as possible, we created Pioneer WOW. The acronym stands for Welcome Orientation Week.

For new residential students, Pioneer WOW begins the day they arrive at Tusculum and move into on-campus housing. Pioneer WOW activities are also available to commuter and adult and online studies students.

We have multiple fun activities each day prior to the start of the fall semester designed to help our new Pioneers build connections and relationships with other new students. Through Pioneer WOW, students adjust to their new home-away-from-home, learn more about the university and see the campus’ beauty. They also discover the value of community service and build pride in the university.

Pioneer WOW activities continue throughout the first week of the fall semester, where incoming students will have an opportunity to meet returning Pioneers and experience even more fun!

Students have fun at Pioneer WOW!

Read What Pioneer WOW Meant to New Students!

Landen Locklear

If I’m honest, I was nervous to be setting foot into college. However, that all changed very quickly with the help of wow week. I got to meet my orientation group and plenty of other staff, I was shown around campus, and most of all, I felt very welcomed. I’m confident in saying that any new student can feel comfortable here at Tusculum. 

Mary Winfrey 

My experience with WOW weekend allowed me to comfortably transition into my college life. Beginning as a freshman in an unknown place brought me anxiety of what the future was to hold; however, my pioneer peer and mentor guided me not only in my academia but in my personal life as well. They offered me support with every step in my journey. WOW weekend also provided a solid foundation of what to expect in my next four years. Although my weekend at WOW as a freshman was jam-packed, it allowed me to connect with my fellow freshmen, forming bonds I never would have expected. Overall, my encounter was filled with excitement and anticipation of what was to come. 

Greetings from the President!