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The Political Science Program strengthens skills for enlightened, engaged citizenship in our local communities, the United States of America and the global community.  Our graduates demonstrate a breadth of content knowledge in political science and are prepared to apply problem-solving skills in careers or graduate study.

Hanna Johnson

Meeting our Mission

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Students in the political science major engage in a variety of service projects and activities with governmental and not-for-profit organizations in the local community. These civic engagement activities include health and wellness, economic opportunity, environmental protection or restoration and social justice.

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As students advance through the Political Science program, they learn and acquire skills that are highly sought by prospective employers. Critical thinking, problem solving, effective writing and oral communication as well as completing written reports by a set deadline are proficiencies that help prepare our majors to succeed in an ever-changing job market.

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The purpose of the political science major is to provide a high-quality civics education, one that gives our graduates the knowledge and skills to understand and engage in a free and democratic society. The end goal is to produce informed, good citizens who can maximize their abilities and opportunities to contribute toward the well-being of themselves as well as their family, friends and neighbors.

Program Success

graduate school
100% of the 2023 graduates from our program went to graduate school.

2023 graduate Estefania Juarez received national recognition as a student as a member of the 2023 ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll for her work on nonpartisan voting education and efforts. She was also awarded the university’s Civic Engagement Award, and the College of Civic and Liberal Arts’ Student Service to the Institution Award.

Students have presented research on campus and at regional research conferences, including the Tusculum Academic Symposium and the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference.

An initiative that included leadership from two political science professors resulted in Tusculum faculty and staff member picking up more than 100 cards to purchase gifts for local children in need at Christmas in 2022.