Meet the Tutors


Peer tutor, Chelsea Daugherty

Chelsea Daugherty


Hi, my name is Chelsea, and I am a math tutor and on Tusculum’s tennis team. I am a sophomore, and I plan to major in Elementary Education. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends and family.

Peer tutor, Logan Mitchell

Logan Mitchell


Hi, everyone! My name is Logan Mitchell, and I am an Elementary Education (K-5) major. I am a Junior here at Tusculum University. I am currently a biology tutor, a member of the Tusculum Honors Program, and a member of the Tusculum Education Club. I hail from nearby Rogersville, Tennessee. Outside of school, I love listening to old school music, watching various sports (NASCAR, wrestling, NFL, PGA), playing a few video games, and spending time with my friends and family.

Peer tutor, Emilie Hansen

Emilie Hansen


Hi, my name is Emilie Hansen, and I tutor economics, accounting, and art. I am originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a part of the tennis team, and I double major in Business and IT, and Art and Design. I love to listen to music, drink coffee, and work out. My main goal is to graduate from Tusculum, win some championships, and then return home to Denmark to complete my master’s. I am also a member of the International Students’ Organization. I can’t wait to meet you!

Peer tutor, Mae Jones

Mae Jones


Hi! My name is Mae Jones. I am majoring in English (creative writing) with a minor in Religious Studies. I am a tutor for English and Religious Studies. I am highly active on campus. My activities include President Society, AOLS Senator in SGA, Student Support Services Mentor, Judicial Board Member, and I am on several committees. In my free time, I love spending time with my son and daughters, watching TV, and most of all, sleep. My life motto is “You have to believe it to achieve it”.

Peer tutor, Ben

Ben Seguin


Peer tutor, Vayda Darnell

Vayda Darnell


Peer tutor, Laura Carr

Laura Carr

Greeneville & Morristown

Hi, my name is Laura Carr, and I am a math and history tutor here at Tusculum. I graduated in 2019, and as an undergraduate, I was a member of two organizations: S.M.A.S.H. (Students of Museum Studies And Students of History) and Phi Alpha Theta. My hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, playing board games, and spending time with family and friends.

Chuck McGee

Chuck McGee


I’m a brat (Dad was an AF fighter pilot), went to the USAF Academy, graduating in 1976 (BS History). Got my Masters from Boston U in 1990 (International Relations). Served 20 years in the USAF as a fighter pilot; flew F-111s, T-38s as an instructor, and German Tornadoes. Retired in 1996 and flew airlines with World Airways (1997) and Delta Air Lines (1997-2018 (retiring from Delta in Dec 2018).Worked as a sub in Knox County Schools for 9 years, then switched to tutoring in Jan 2011. I’ve worked with K-12, college undergrad, and Masters students. Over the years I’ve tutored Biology, Accounting, Statistics, Macro & Microeconomics, US & World History, Political Science, Math thru Calculus I, German, English & Writing, & Finance.


Degreed tutor, David Ottinger

David Ottinger

David Ottinger is a degreed tutor with Tusculum University. David received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE) from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and has completed 15 graduate hours in education from the University of Tennessee at Martin. He has worked in industry for 40 years and has been tutoring with Tusculum for over 10 years! His previous military experience includes everything from active duty in the Navy aboard submarines to cooking in the Tennessee Air National Guard. His current hobbies include bicycling and cooking.

Peer tutor, Annie McCullough

Annie McCullough

Hi, my name is Annie McCullough, and I am a student athlete from Northern Ireland, studying in the MBA program at Tusculum University. I am a chemistry tutor here, majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. I am also a member of the Women’s Tennis Team. Aside from playing tennis, I enjoy outdoor activities, going to the gym, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and reading.

Degreed tutor, Jessimine Strauss

Jessimine Strauss

Jessimine Strauss is a degreed tutor with Tusculum. She is an alumna of Tusculum having earned a B.A. in Psychology. In her spare time, Jessimine enjoys watching Netflix and Bond films, reading manga, and listening to music.

Degreed tutor, Wesley Coates

Wesley Coates

Wesley Coates is a degreed tutor with Tusculum. Wesley received a bachelor’s degree in English at East Tennessee State University. Wesley works at First Tennessee Human Resource Agency as the Assistant to the Director of Corrections. Wesley enjoys Bret Easton Ellis books, podcasts, the Chicago Blackhawks and is an avid fan of all things Batman. “A WINNER IS YOU”

Peer tutor, Rachel Swatzell

Rachel Swatzell

Rachel Swatzell is a degreed tutor at Tusculum University. Swatzell is a recent TU Pioneer graduate with her B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing. During her undergrad at Tusculum, Swatzell accomplished many feats like becoming a published poet, serving as the assistant editor for the international literary journal The Tusculum Review, winning monetary awards for her writing, presenting at conferences, and being one of the top campus leaders. She currently works as a professional tutor and teaching assistant at Tusculum and is the Head Steward of Greeneville’s upcoming Little Free Library. In her spare time, Swatzell enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her goldendoodle Fitzgerald, thrifting, DIYing, and restoration.