Bachelor of Arts interdisciplinary studies with special education endorsement

Interventionist K-8

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Comprehensive K-12

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Bachelor of Arts interdisciplinary studies with special education endorsement

The Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies program (hyperlink to that page) provides a path to two special education endorsements: Interventionist K-8 and Comprehensive K-12. The Interventionist K-8 certification involves working with students who have high incidence disabilities such as learning disabilities and mild intellectual disabilities. The Comprehensive K-12 certification involves working with those students who have low incidence disabilities such as moderate to severe intellectual disabilities or multiple disabilities. The courses in the online program with the SPED prefix are offered online (asynchronous).

Emma Miller 

Young woman in a sports jersey posing with a lacrosse stickI am junior at Tusculum University. I play lacrosse and am majoring in special education. Special education has always held a special place in my heart, and Tusculum has made it so easy to pursue this passion of mine.

 Tusculum’s College of Education has provided such a great experience for me. I have never met a group of people who are so dedicated to making a difference. Each professor is committed to providing their students with the best education possible and strives to help them in any way possible. Each professor in the College of Education displays an exemplary level of kindness, patience and genuine care towards each student.

  This program has provided me the opportunity to learn at a pace I understand and ask all the questions I need. This program provides students with a high understanding of material through the implications of feedback, projects and critical tasks. One of my favorite things about this program is the interaction. Each course gives the students the opportunity to participate in activities, new opportunities and events, and discussions.

 Whether it be working in a physical classroom or simply providing feedback to your peers on a discussion board, I feel like this program is truly preparing me to be a grand special education teacher and making me the best version of myself. This program is preparing me to walk into the classroom with a high level of understanding of expectations, confidence and knowledge to teach effectively. My goal is to carry the qualities and knowledge that this program has provided into my personal classroom.  

Madison Lane  

Young woman smiling

Feel like making a difference in children’s lives but not really sure how? Try special education. These kids are often overlooked and underestimated. Tusculum University has given me an opportunity to experience firsthand how to overcome this by studying special education.
The special education program doesn’t just give you book experience but also provides you hands-on experience in an actual classroom to see the gains that can be made. You get to put into practice the learning the book teaches. It offers the resources to succeed, the knowledge to grow and the experience to know.
Special Education is one of the most overlooked but most rewarding majors in the College of Education. It is also one of the many majors that allows you to participate online. By doing this, it allows for more family time and the opportunity to further your education while working. Try it for yourself and make a difference in the classroom. 


Meeting our mission

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  • BAIS students demonstrate skill in designing and delivering instruction and instructional interventions based on the learning styles, strengths, and needs of students with IEPs.
  • BAIS students demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with general education teachers to incorporate differentiation, scaffolding, and appropriate accommodations so students with IEPs may access the core curriculum in a least restrictive environment.
  • BAIS students demonstrate skill in communicating effectively with students, peers, administrators, and parents as a means to positively influence the education of all children.
  • BAIS students develop a broad knowledge of the field of special education including a study of various areas of disabilities.
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  • BAIS students demonstrate skill in teaching in a variety of regular and special education environments.
  • In addition to college classroom course experiences, the Interventionist K-8 and Comprehensive K-12 program includes multiple clinical experiences. As part of program completion, Interventionist K-8/Comprehensive K-12 candidates complete one student teaching placement in grades K-8 special education interventionist setting and another placement in grades K-12 comprehensive special education setting.