Book Charge Policy

Charging Textbooks and Supplies to Your Student Account

Tusculum University provides an option for students with excess and approved financial aid to charge textbooks and supplies to their student account in the Bookstore.

Students may charge to their student account prior to financial aid being disbursed as long as the following criteria is completed:

  • The student is registered for the current term classes.
  • The student has completed a Promise to Pay statement with Tusculum University.
  • The student has received their financial aid award letter and has completed the loan acceptance process to pay for textbooks and supplies.
  • The total financial aid that a student receives exceeds the current student account balance.

Traditional students can request funds to be loaded onto their student ID cards to complete the payment transaction in the Bookstore. This will create a charge on the student account, which will be paid when financial aid funds are disbursed to the university.

Adult & Online Studies (AOS) students may call the Business Office to receive approval to charge textbooks and supplies and will not need their student ID card for the transaction.

No student can charge more than the amount of their excess financial aid. Once all excess financial aid funds have been refunded to the student, no other charges can be made to the student’s account.