J’Quen Johnson

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J’Quen Johnson

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J'Quen Johnson

Assistant Director of Graduate & Online Enrollment

Hello, future Pioneer! I’m J’Quen Johnson, the Assistant Director of Graduate and Online Enrollment at Tusculum University. Having grown up in the small city of Gallatin, Tennessee, I deeply appreciate the genuine small-town vibe, where every face is friendly.

Tusculum University, much like the warm community I come from, offers a unique sense of belonging that extends to all students, including those in our dynamic graduate and online community. We genuinely care about your journey, your goals, and your success. It’s not just education; it’s about forming lasting connections that will shape your future.

Imagine a place where the beauty of a small town blends seamlessly with the endless opportunities of a university. That’s Tusculum for you. Just like in my hometown, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere, professors who are invested in your growth, and peers who quickly become friends.

If you’re seeking that same sense of belonging, that feeling of being part of something special, I invite you to explore Tusculum University. And, while you’re here, we can even swing by Creamy Cup to share some coffee – my go-to is a hot caramel macchiato. Apply today and become part of our Pioneer family – a family that values your journey as much as you do. See you on campus!