History Education

Course Requirements

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Course Requirements

History: Concentration in History Education 6-12
History Major Core: 24 Hours
HIST 112 Historical Writing and Research
HIST 201 U.S. History Survey I
HIST 202 U.S. History Survey II
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
Additional Required History Courses: 9 Hours
HIST 101 The West and the World I
HIST 102 The West and the World II
HIST 375 Historiography
Professional Education: 27-28 Hours
Practicum: 4 Hours
Student Teaching 12 Hours
Gen Ed: 36 Hours
Total: 112-113 Hours
Elective Hours: 7-8


Historic Tourism

Museum Studies


Students in the history education program take coursework in the fields of both history and education. Working closely with faculty members in the History and Education Departments, students learn the skills of historical interpretation as well as up-to-date pedagogical methods. Graduates from the program will be prepared to take state-mandated Praxis exams and obtain licensure to teach middle school and high school history.  

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Successful Alumni

Chuck Morgan

Donald Messer 

I have a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in teaching, both from Tusculum. I was there for so long it transitioned from Tusculum College to Tusculum University after I decided to return there to continue my education! I currently teach World History and Tennessee History at Northwest High School in Clarksville, Tennessee. In teaching, I have to summarize, condense, judge and select information that is not only informative but relatable to my students for them to learn at their most effective level. Tusculum, the History Department and my professors prepared me for this workload with rigorous, applicable lessons and courses. Looking back, I appreciate how dedicated my professors were to improving my skills in research and speed reading and allowing me to justify my research. They gave critical feedback at every step, allowing me to continue to improve in every aspect of historical research and in how to educate. I would not be able to be nearly as successful without the guidance, professionalism and leadership demonstrated by my phenomenal professors in the History and Education Departments of Tusculum University.