Historic Tourism

Course Requirements

History: Concentration in Historic Tourism
History Major Core : 24 Hours
HIST 112 Historical Writing and Research
HIST 201 U.S. History Survey I
HIST 202 U.S. History Survey II
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
HIST 3XX Elective 
Additional Required History Courses 6 Hours
HIST/MUES 354 Archival Service Learning
HIST 402 Senior Thesis
Museum Studies: 22 Hours
MUSE 101 Introduction To Museum Studies (1 hr)
MUSE 202 Architecture And Historic Preservation 
MUSE 205  Material Culture in the American South and Appalachia
MUSE 311  Arts Administration and Non-Profit Management
MUSE 326 Public History 
MUSE 340 Interpretation And Museum Education
MUSE 402 Internship (2x= 6hrs)
Business 15 hrs
BUSN 210 Principles Of Management
BUSN 305 Principles Of Marketing 
BUSN 308 Applied Economics
BUSN 312 Organizational Behavior
BUSN/HIST 330 Principles of Commercial Recreation and Tourism
Gen Ed:  36 Hours
Total: 103 Hours
Elective Hours: 17



History Education

Museum Studies


The Historic Tourism concentration is designed to prepare students for a career in the commercial, nonprofit and public sector segment of the recreation and tourism industry, which specifically promotes historical learning and content. The program contains three subject areas: history, museum studies, and business, each cultivating a critical skill set for future graduates. The History courses impart historical content and analysis skills; museum studies courses teach the skills of interpreting and presenting history to a public audience; and business courses introduce students to the business and economic fundamentals of the recreation and tourism sector of the economy.

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