Religion Concentration

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Religion Minor

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Course Requirements

History: Concentration in Religion
History Major Core: 24 Hours
HIST 112 Historical Writing and Research
HIST 201 US History Survey I
HIST 202 US History Survey II
HIST 331 Religion in American History
HIST 338 The Reformation in Early Modern Europe
HIST 3XX Elective
HIST 3XX Elective
HIST 3XX Elective
Additional Required History Courses: 18 Hours
HIST 101 West and the World I
HIST 102 West and the World II
HIST/MUSE 354 Archival Service Learning
HIST 375 Historiography 
HIST 402 Senior Thesis
HIST 480 History and Contemporary Global Issues
Religion: 24 Hours
RELG 101 Introduction to the Old Testament
RELG 102 Introduction to the New Testament
RELG 201 World Religions
RELG  3XX-4XX Elective
RELG  3XX-4XX Elective
RELG  3XX-4XX Elective
RELG  3XX-4XX Elective
RELG  3XX-4XX Elective
Gen Ed: 36 Hours
Total: 102 Hours
Elective Hours 18



History Education

Historic Tourism

Museum Studies

The religion concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate school, the ministry, involvement in the church and other careers, such as in the nonprofit sector. The program contains two subject areas – history and religion – each cultivating a critical skill set for future graduates.

Students will develop expertise in:

  • Textual interpretation
  • Historical thinking
  • Social and cultural analysis
  • Oral and written communication

Students engage in discussions about the “big” questions of life and become involved in evaluating a variety of viewpoints. In the process, they develop the ability to assess evidence, to weigh arguments and to construct informed opinions.
Students who have selected another major, may choose a minor in religion, which trains students in the same set of skills but in a more condensed framework.

Successful Alumni

Jules Aiken

Vinton Copeland 

My name is Vinton Copeland, and I was fortunate to graduate from what was then Tusculum College in 2013. Tusculum gave me a solid foundation for the things I am doing and have done in the past, and I am forever grateful. I currently serve as the pastor of a great church in West Georgia (Powell Missionary Baptist Church), a firefighter for Columbus Fire & EMS and a new realtor with Coldwell Banker KPDD of Columbus. I must admit that I have been privileged because of my Tusculum experience.



What types of careers are possible?

Students with a concentration or minor in religion do the same things – in approximately the same percentages – that other humanities and social science majors do. Religion graduates often go on to further career training and jobs in:

Professional Ministry

  • Pastor, youth pastor, etc.
  • Chaplain (hospital, military)
  • Religious Counseling 
  • Missionary

Advanced Degrees 

  • Religious studies
  • Biblical studies
  • Classics 
  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy

Other Careers

  • Business
  • Marketing and management
  • Government, foreign service or the Peace Corps
  • Counseling and Social Work
  • Education
  • Journalism/publishing
  • Law
  • Event planning, hospitality or the service industry
  • Museums and the arts