Arts Outreach

Explore the Arts with Tusculum University’s Arts Outreach Program
At Tusculum University, we are dedicated to leading the way in cultural engagement through our innovative Arts Outreach Program. Situated in the heart of Greene County, Tennessee, our program has been a beacon of arts advocacy and excellence for decades, fostering a vibrant community connected by creativity.
Engaging Programs to Foster Creativity and Communication

Our flagship initiative, Tusculum Young Actors Studio (formerly GLAWPIGT), exemplifies our commitment to enhancing literacy and communication skills among youth. This unique program integrates theatrical practices into education, bringing classic literature to life and developing essential skills in young participants.

Tailored Educational Workshops

Tusculum University Arts Outreach extends its impact beyond the campus, offering customized workshops in local public and private schools. These workshops are designed to meet specific educational needs, covering a diverse range of topics such as acting, costume design, set construction, set design, Shakespeare and classic literature, and speech making. Each session is crafted to inspire and educate, ensuring a hands-on, enriching experience for all students.

Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Outreach Administration
Continuing our tradition of excellence, we have introduced a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Outreach Administration. This degree program blends art and business education, packed with experiential learning opportunities that prepare students for successful careers in cultural community development. Ideal for those passionate about the arts and looking to make a significant impact, the program equips future leaders with the skills to become imaginative entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Join us at Tusculum University and become a part of a program that not only enriches your life but also empowers you to bring positive change to the community through the power of the arts.
Mission Statement

It is the mission of Tusculum University Arts Outreach to provide cultural leadership by supporting arts programs already in place, developing new programs, and encouraging the public in supporting the arts and arts education

Director of Arts Outreach


Direct Line: 423-636-7300 ext. 5624
Campus Phone: Ext. 5624
Campus Mail: P.O. Box 5086
Office: Annie Hogan Byrd
Department: Arts Outreach
Campus or Site Location: Greeneville