Residential Life

Students living on campus the opportunity to participate in an incomparable experience, create numerous memories, and benefit from the educational opportunities unique to this experience.


Each residence hall has laundry facilities to service the residents of the hall. There is no need for collecting coins to operate the laundry machines! Students have unlimited use of the provided equipment. Each room is fully furnished and a high-speed Internet connection!

Living on each floor of the residence halls you will find at least one Resident Assistant, sometimes more! R.A.’s are students leaders trained to assist their peers in acclimating to college life and build a community in their living area.

Katherine Hall

The largest of Tusculum’s 6 residence halls, Katherine Hall provides student housing on its 3 floors.

Katherine Hall is comprised of double and triple rooms with air conditioning and community baths in each wing.

Katherine Hall houses approximately 140 students, 6 R.A.’s, and has a full-time, live-in professional who manages the facility.

Welty-Craig Hall

Formerly Craig Hall, Welty-Craig Hall was renamed in honor of Mr. Stan Welty ’51, former Chairman of the Tusculum Board of Trustees and a Benefactor of Tusculum.

The atmosphere of the hall has changed much since when Mr. Welty lived in it;

Welty-Craig is an air-conditioned, co-ed facility of primarily upperclassmen housing 40 students and three R.A.’s.

Haynes Hall

Haynes Hall is one of Tusculum’s most historic buildings, having been built in 1914. Its original character has survived remodeling and renovations.

One of the most appealing parts of this men’s hall is that every room in the building has its own individual features and characteristics. This isn’t your run of the mill, cookie cutter hall – every room is different.

Haynes Hall houses approximately 50 men and three R.A.s.

Charles Oliver Gray Complex (COGs)

The “COGs”, as many students and alumni know it, was named for past Tusculum president, Charles Oliver Gray.

The complex consists of 4 buildings, 3 of which are residence halls (the 4th building, North, is used for offices and classrooms).

COG East, South,West halls provide housing for female residents. 

Each unit houses approximately 35 individuals and two R.A’s, the COGs also have a full-time, live-in professional.

Mastrapasqua Hall & Apartments

Construction of 4 residence halls was completed in summer 2002. In 2013, two new apartment-style residence halls were completed.

The 6 residence halls, known collectively as “The Apartments” are 3 stories tall and have room to house 56 students.

Housing accommodations in the apartments include a living room, a ‘mini-kitchen” featuring a sink, refrigerator, 4 private bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Washer and dryer units are also included in each apartment.

There are 4 apartment units on each floor, each unit having 5 residents. Each building has 56 residents. The exterior of the buildings are brick and are compatible with the classic turn-of-the-century architecture in some of the campus’s historic buildings, including Welty-Craig, Virginia, and McCormick Halls.

In 2003, the building known as apartment “A” was named Mastrapasqua Hall in honor of Dr. Frank Mastrapasqua. The remaining apartments simply remain “B”, “C”, “D”, “E” and “F”.


All full-time, residential Tusculum students are provided access to our network. 

Students will have to provide the actual device. But once you’re hooked up, that’s it!

Every residence hall room has access to our local area network (LAN). Students can also make use of one of the computer labs located across campus. Tusculum students may connect to the campus-wide WiFi network which allows our students to stay connected to the Internet, even when walking across campus.



We’ve provided a handy checklist for incoming, residential students. Of course every student may have different needs, but this gives you a good start. Items we consider essential are starred (*)Double-check the “Do Not Bring” list and make sure to consult your roommate to avoid doubles of items like lamps or appliances!



Tusculum students may participate in a wide variety of recreational sports on campus. It’s a great way to stay in shape, have fun with friends, and make new ones.

Pioneer Gym

The Pioneer Gym is open 7 days a week and students can rent out various sports equipment during open gym hours. Student Affairs also rents out camping/backpacking gear for students to use for their off-campus camping trips, free of charge!


Intramural sports take place regularly on campus, so students always have the opportunity to jump in on dodgeball, soccer, flag football, ping pong, corn hole, sand volleyball, and much more! Intramurals are sponsored through Student Affairs in cooperation with our recreational sports.