5 x 10s

5 X 10 Plays

For 10 years, Theatre-at-Tusculum has presented the “5 X 10 Plays” in association with the English and Languages Department. The production is held every other year, with some of the performance dates taking place during the Old Oak Festival.

The production consists of five plays that last about 10 minutes each. The plays are a wonderful mix of different styles and tones, enabling the audience to experience the diversity of writing, directing and acting talent on stage.

The plays and cast members for the 2023 production are:

The Letter

  • Shopkeeper – Lavender Colmer
  • Alexa – Peyton Bergquist
  • Hermes –  Zach Gass
  • Thor – Todd Wallin

End of Summer

  • Man – Wesley News
  • Girl – Melyna Doty

The Oktavist

  • Kirill – Daniel Matheney
  • Dimitri – Dodger Kirkland

Modern Witches

  • Willow – Melody Tunnel
  • Lyra – Taylor Bowman
  • Peggy – Gracie Moore

Swept Under the Rug

  • Carrie – Paige Mengel
  • Melinda – Laura Dupler
Tusculum 5x10 Plays Poster