Old Building Exterior Picture

While you are on the Tusculum University campus for the Old Oak Festival, be sure to visit the the Doak House Museum on the edge of campus.

This building is a nonprofit, educational institution, established as a museum in 1975. Its mission is collecting, interpreting, researching, preserving, and exhibiting the original Doak House, university-related artifacts (since 1794), Doak family artifacts (1830-1860) and educational and religious artifacts and documents from Northeast Tennessee.

In recent years, the Doak House has received increased focus as the location for a series of community and university activities. On the Saturday of the festival, representatives of the Greeneville Farmers Market will be present at the museum. They will preview the upcoming Farmers Market season at the Doak House. Some items will potentially be available for sale that day.

While you are at the Doak House, you can walk the new trails that have been built in the woods adjacent to the house that lead to the heart of the campus.