Outside Dorm Apartments


The Apartments is a six-building complex that can house as many as 288 students. Each building has three floors with four apartments apiece. Every apartment unit has four bedrooms. The individual rooms on average are 12 feet x 10 feet.

All units have a bed, desk and an armoire. Apartment buildings A-D feature what’s called a captain’s bed, which has drawers underneath. Buildngs E and F have adjustable beds and also include a desk, armoire and a small, two-drawer dresser. Units in all six buildings have a kitchen, couch, and table chairs.

The apartment units offer additional privacy because they are farther away from the other buildings on campus. However, the apartments remain within easy walking distance to all buildings.

The apartments are not typically available to freshmen, but they are an incentive for students to continue in their education at Tusculum University.