Outside of a Dorm Building

Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall is one of Tusculum’s male-only residence hall and is the main facility for incoming freshmen. It can accommodate 163 students. Sixty-five rooms are double occupancy, and 11 are triple occupancy.

This residence hall features standard furniture for each occupant, including a bed, dresser, desk and closet. Katherine Hall has central heat and air and communal restrooms with multiple showers. The bedrooms on average are around 16 feet x 11 feet.

Another amenity is a lounge area for student relaxation and multiple other seating areas. The lounge includes a television, where students can watch programs or play games. Laundry facilities are available in the building. 

Katherine Hall is particularly close to the Meen Center, Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Center and the athletic complex. The Meen Center, the largest building on campus, primarily houses science, math, computer science and nursing classes, but other classes take place there as well. Annie Hogan Byrd is the home for concerts and theater performances. The athletic complex includes the baseball and football stadiums, the tennis courts and the indoor practice facility.

All other buildings on campus are within easy walking distance.