Outside a Dorm Building

Welty-Craig Hall

Welty-Craig Hall is one of Tusculum’s co-ed residence halls. It can hold as many as 42 students and has 17 double-occupancy rooms and eight single rooms. This building includes a laundry room easily accessible to the students.

This building has three floors, and each has communal restrooms and showers. Every room includes a bed, closet, desk and dresser for each occupant. In addition, each room’s heating and cooling system can be adjusted by the occupants. Welty-Craig also has a lounge, where students can relax and hang out with their friends. It contains a television,¬†various games students can enjoy as well as couches and other forms of seating. The bedrooms on average are around 15 feet x 10 feet.

This building is located nearest to the Scott M. Niswonger Commons and the Thomas J. Garland Library. The Niswonger Commons has classrooms, the cafeteria, Chick-fil-A, The Pioneer Perk student lounge, the bookstore and Pioneer Arena. In the library, students can study, conduct research, use computers and speak to counselors. The library has classrooms on the lower level.