Outside of a Dorm Building

Haynes Hall

Haynes Hall is one of Tusculum’s male-only residence halls. The facility can hold as many as 55 students. There are 21 rooms that accommodate two students each and 11 rooms that have one student apiece. This building is outfitted with communal restrooms with showers, as well as a laundry room in the basement. 

Haynes offers a comfortable living experience. Each room offers a desk, dresser, closet and an adjustable bed. A built-in air conditioner unit is easy for the students to control. The rooms on average are around 12 feet x 10 feet.

This residence hall is the most central on campus. It is extremely close to the Scott M. Niswonger Commons and the Thomas J. Garland Library and is a short walk from the Meen Center. The Niswonger Commons has classrooms, the cafeteria, Chick-fil-A, The Pioneer Perk student lounge, the bookstore and Pioneer Arena. The Meen Center, the largest building on campus, primarily houses science, math, computer science and nursing classes,, but other classes take place there as well.